Useful Information

Before boarding

What telephone contacts may be more helpful me?

In the contacts section of the website we provides all references (phone, mail, fax) useful to contact the corporate ticket offices and receive information, reservations and assistance.

May bring with me my cat?

Yes, of course, using the right kennel or cages. The owner must also heal him personally and guarantee food and water.

My car is particularly high. Must j pay a larger fee?

The rate for the transport of the car is the same for all those that do not exceed 180 cm. total height. Then, only if auto - including any roof - objects exceeds this height measurement, is caused by an increase of 50%.This also means that - as regards the height - are carried free of charge any surfing, canoes, small boats, luggage, typically on the roof of the car, that do not exceed 180 cm.

How to calculate the dimensions of my vehicle in length?

n case you don't know if your vehicle is more or less than 4 metres, the measure "everything out".
Means, for example, that if you have a boat on the roof of the car longer, the rate will be based on the greater length. Consult, however, the function "search the car "Passenger Menu for more information.

After the time of purchase of the ticket I changed the car. What should I do?

Please, provide a change from your travel agent you trust the number plate signed on the ticket. In compliance with safety regulations, the plates listed on tickets must match the departing vehicles. Otherwise control authorities may refuse access to the port and boarding gates.

Imbarco auto a gas metano\gpl

Se hai necessità di imbarcare un autoveicolo a gas metano oppure gpl, DEVI comunicarlo al personale di bordo prima dell'imbarco. E' importante che prima dell'imbarco il serbatoio del gpl o del metano sia vuoto e il veicolo utilizzi l'alimentazione alternativa (benzina).

On board

Do I have to lock the car in the garage?

Once you have parked your car in the garage, use the handbrake and let a gear engaged.

It is true that it is forbidden to go back and leave the ship once on board?

It is true, for security reasons. For the same reasons, it may happen that you, with your baggage or your car, is checked by the crew. This as a result of the adoption of national and international standards relating to "security".

Who do I contact for any information?

The ship's Master of the ship or hydrofoil are at your disposal for every need.

May I smoke on board?

You can smoke only on external decks or boat discovered areas, only if it is expressly forbidden for reasons of safety of navigation. This excludes, of course, craft, on which it is impossible to gain access to uncovered areas. No smoking in enclosed spaces, as these are obligations laid down by law No 3 January 16, 2003.

After landing

I forgot something on board!

In the event of lost or forgotten objects on board, talk directly to the ship Master possibly during the same day or at least as soon as possible. After a few days, items are normally sent to the Headquarters; therefore, it can request these by phoning 081/2444111.

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