PMR Service - People with reduced mobility

In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 28/01 and Legislative Decree No. 05/05, the Company stipulates that, for units subject to these standards, one or more crew members shall be appointed for the specially-assisted passengers (assistance to PRM users), people with reduced mobility, in order to communicate them all the information on the services and assistance at their disposal and in the most suitable form for the visually impaired.

Therefore our board and ticketing staff has been specially instructed to provide, when required, the necessary assistance to PMRs.
On board our ships, there are built lifts and dedicated sanitation facilities, and are disposal also have parking areas in the garage, reserved to cars for wheelchair passengers.

More generally, PMRs have been identified and created private areas and armchairs in passenger reception rooms.

Passengers who need proper accommodation and / or boarding assistance because they are on a wheelchair will advance their request for assistance at the ticket office, which will indicate the timetable when the ship is equipped with a lift.

Such a request may also be made in advance of the day of actual departure, by e-mail request to: -> or via WhatsApp: +39.3459722424

The ticket office, having verified the need for assistance duly certified by a special documentation, will issue a special reduced ticket as well as gratuity for the companion, notifying the crew on board the presence of the PMR person.

The passenger's car will have to show the emergency parking arrows so he can access aboard on a preferential way and with the assistance of the crew at embarkment and on board.

PMR will be assisted by on-board personnel:
- in embarkation / disembarkation operations;
- in storage / recovery of luggage;
- achieving the designated place at PMRs;
- achieving to Toilet when required to the personnel of board;
- in emergency operations.

If the PMR is assisted by a caregiver, he or she may be required to provide the necessary assistance in harbor, in navigation as well as for embarkation and disembarkation.

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