About Us

Caremar (Regional Maritime Campania) is a shipping company founded in 1975, which manages maritime and cargo connections in the Gulf of Naples.

The Company, Following a privatization procedure, was sold on 16/07/2015 by the Campania Region to the grouping of companies between SNAV SpA and RIFIM SpA

Caremar connects the 7 major ports of the Gulf of Naples to freight and passengers.

Caremar , in its quality public service business, ensures the achievement of the 7 gulf ports with all weather conditions by carrying out specific public service obligations (O.S.P. scope).

Parthenopean Maritime Tradition

Caremar boasts a marinara tradition that comes from the distant origins of the Parthenopean marineria, thanks to which the skills of men refined on international routes and then devoted all their experience to assistance and navigation in the Gulf of Naples.

The Fleet

Caremar Fleet consists of 4 Traditional Motorboats , 2 Ferries , 1 Hydrofoil , 1 Catamaran B> 1 Fast Drive for a total of about 10,900 tons with a daily transport capacity of more than 4,800 passengers and about 300 vehicles in the 7 Gulf ports of Naples . Service is guaranteed by Officers, Officers, and on-board personnel for assisted navigation with the care of a great shipping company.

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